Help Billy get across the room. Dodge series of traps that fire in repeating patterns that tests your memory, reaction, and sense of rhythm. Play cross-platform/cross-device online with friends up to 16 players per game in this one of a kind action puzzler.


Trap Labs was inspired by a type of custom map from StarCraft called bounds. The mechanic was based upon dodging obstacles that fire in repeating patterns. The concept was unique and a ton of fun, and bounding community exists to this day.

I realized the bounding concept translated very well to mobile and it would be a good opportunity to make a commercial game that played well on both mobile and PC. In 2015 I took the plunge and quit my senior software engineer position to work on Trap Labs full time.

I built the Trap Labs game engine from the ground up, using Cocos2d-x to serve as the audio and visual library. It boasts a true cross-platform/cross-device networking engine that allowed seamless mobile to PC online cross-play, a rare feat in indie games. The art style was inspired by works of Butch Hartman and Genndy Tartakovsky, who created some of my favorite cartoons growing up such as Fairly OddParents and Dexter's Laboratory.

Trap Labs went viral on Imgur with over 100,000 views on in April 2018. Trap Labs was first released on Steam on Nov 26 2018. iOS and Android versions were released on Sept 3rd 2019.


  • Get Billy across the room by dodging trap puzzles that fires in repeating patterns (inspired by bounds and mazes from StarCraft and WarCraft)
  • Play 100 levels of story campaign with up to 16 players online
  • Challenge yourself to over 100 levels of arcade variety
  • True cross-platform/cross-device online multiplayer play (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)


Trap Labs - GameplayYouTube

Trap Labs - TrailerYouTube



Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Action - Dreamhack Dallas 2019"
Trap Labs Original Soundtrack
Composed and performed by Juno nominated composer Chris Donnelly

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