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*For iOS beta in TestFlight, please request by email
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Trap Labs Now on Steam!
Trap Labs beta is now available on Steam! Simply download the demo on the Steam to play the beta. You can also help me by heading over to the Steam forums and give me your feedback so that I can make the game more awesome at release.

Game is complaining that I’m missing msvcXXX.dll wtf??
For Windows you'll need Visual C++ redistributables from 2010-2015. These are commonly shipped with many desktop applications. If you do not have them then you need to install them yourself: VC++ 2010 -- VC++ 2012 -- VC++ 2013 -- VC++ 2015. The final release will come with an auto installer.

What platforms will this be on?
Trap Labs pre-alpha is currently available for public testing on Windows, Mac, and Android, and iOS. For iOS please email and I will add you to TestFlight. I may support Linux and Windows 10 Mobile if there are strong demand for them.

How much will the game cost?
You tell me.

Can you talk a little bit about the multiplayer?
Public multiplayer testing is now available on the pre-alpha! You can play with up to 4 other players (5 total) at the same time per map. Trap Labs is client-server model, and server is hosted by me. There is a 250ms input lag to synchronize all players (adjustable in the future). I only have one server right now located in eastern US, so the experience from areas like Asia would not have the optimal experience. I also recommend to have at least a 512kbps upload connection as I haven’t done any network optimization yet (this will be exponentially improved in future versions).

Will there be a map maker?
Yes. Everything you see in the demo can be made from the map maker.

What game engine are you using?
I use Cocos2d-x to handle all audio and graphics processing/effects. The physics, multiplayer, execution, networking engines are all made by me. The game is designed such that it’s mostly framework agnostic.

Will there be more traps?
Yes. There are two traps I omitted in the demo because I didn’t have time to build a proper level for them. One is a rat trap where you get flatten when hit, causing slow debuff. The other is a red light green light where you die if you move while on red light.

What can I do to help?
Visit the Steam forums and leave your feedback! Bug reports, feature requests, map making etc. they will help me improve the game.

About Me

My name is Han. I'm an entrepreneur and software engineering based in Toronto, Canada. I quit my job in 2015 to start my own software company. You can find out more about me and my other projects at Code'n Such

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